Sports Injury

Professional athletes undergo rigorous training sessions in preparation for competitions. Although, training and competitions go hand in hand with sports injuries. These injuries are often minor, and athletes don’t have to drop out of matches to allow full recovery.

However, isolated cases of severe sports injuries need expert intervention and ample time off the field, track, court, or ring for treatment and recovery. Chiropractors at Serenity Health and Wellness in Edmonton, Alberta, can help you recover quickly and return to the game. Read on to learn how our chiropractor can help with your sports injury.

sports injury

Below are the top sports injuries and treatments our chiropractors commonly administer to joint and back pain patients.

Sprains and Strains

A sprain injury occurs when the wrists, ankles, or knee ligaments are outstretched beyond capacity or to the point of tearing. The patient experiences significant pain due to bruising and swelling, hindering one’s ability to move normally.

Knee Injury

This is a common injury among runners or athletes playing games that require plenty of running, like football, soccer, basketball, or baseball. Knee injuries like the runner’s knee affect the knee cap, which experiences tenderness. The pain occurs due to ligament, cartilage damage, or bone bruising.

Knee injuries often occur, due to insufficient warming up before training and competitions. Other reasons for knee injuries include overworking the knee and knee twisting.

Swollen Muscles

A lactic acid build-up in the muscles after a gym session or rigorous training is normal. However, if you have muscle swelling, you could have a health complication that needs prompt chiropractic attention.

Athletes in boxing experience swollen muscles due to repeated blows in the same area. Long-term overuse of muscles is yet another reason one may develop swollen muscles.

Achilles Tendon Injury

The Achilles tendon is one of the major ligaments in the body. It stretches from the calf muscle down to the heel. If this tendon is torn or overstretched, it suffers injury. Experts recommend ample stretching exercises to avoid Achilles tendon injuries.

Shin Splint

A common injury among runners, shin splints happen when the tibia or shin bone experiences pain. This type of injury also occurs due to inadequate stretching and warming up. Our experts recommend training in appropriate footwear and resting between training sessions to avoid sudden shin splint injuries.


Dislocations commonly occur among athletes who participate in high-impact or contact sports. A dislocation is an incredibly painful injury when the bones of a joint separate.

Our chiropractor uses different techniques to manually put the dislocated joints back in place and requires the patient to wear a sling or plaster cast to allow the swelling to go down and recover.


Athletes develop fractures after repetitive impact on a bone or after a serious accident. A fracture entails, bones breaking. Experts advise seeking immediate treatment and avoiding pushing through pain when you have a fracture. Otherwise, the pain may worsen.

Sports Injury Treatment in Edmonton, Alberta

Visiting our chiropractor sets you up for faster recovery and minimal downtime, thanks to innovative, groundbreaking treatments and techniques. Immediately consult an expert if you have back, joint, or other sports injuries. Contact us at (780) 486-0710 to book an appointment at Serenity Health and Wellness in Edmonton, Alberta, today for sports injury treatment or any inquiries.